Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Guys Week: The cultural importance of playing pool

NaturalBlog Guys Week, brought to you by Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino, continues today with a look at the cultural importance of playing pool.

"Cultural importance?" you ask. "Indeed," says NaturalBlog. Why, let's just look at all the ways pool has wormed its way into the every day lexicon:

Bad Break. An unlucky turn of events, or when you screw up your first shot. That might be because you had a miscue -- when you don't chalk or when you try to over-do your spin. In the broader sense, it's any screw up, over-English or not.

You can run the table in pool, or in a game or business setting, though probably not if you have a long shot or if you find yourself behind the eight-ball.

Now if I were just half the pool player that I am linquist, I might not have had that 0-8 streak against a former coworker, or that embarassing evening when I bragged at dinner that I was a good player because I watched games on TV, then proceeded to miss every single shot.

Tomorrow on Guys Week, brought to you by Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino: Manly men can still be cleanly men.

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Anonymous employee #299788 said...

I would have preferred a picture of Paul Newman circa Cool Hand Luke in your poker entry.

May 03, 2006  

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