Friday, May 05, 2006

Guys Week: Tribute to Bruce Willis

And now on the exciting conclusion of Guys Week on the NaturalBlog, brought to you by Your Mom: We shout it out for the most underrated actor of our time.

Maybe you love him because you love those big budget blockbusters, the Die Hards or maybe Armegeddon, where he made the magnanimous but debatable move of sacrificing himself so Liv Tyler could be with Ben Affleck.

Or maybe you love him for when he tries to be funny, like in Look Who's Talking or Death Becomes Her, or when he's funny not because he's trying like in Striking Distance.

Maybe you're a comic book guy and you love him for his work in Unbreakable, or maybe you love him for his best roles, in Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, and the Sixth Sense.

Or maybe you're old and like him from Moonlighting.

But the point is, there's a reason to love him.

The NaturalBlog chooses to cap off Guys Week with this tribute because Bruce Willis knows that with great awesomeness comes great responsibility: He knows he could kill Ashton Kutcher and no one would say peep, but he chooses not to. What a guy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"brought to you by Your Mom" could be the best line on NB yet- it almost makes up for the no naked movie discussion during Guys Week...almost...

May 05, 2006  

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