Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Retro Week: We are totally winning the Cold War now

Retro Week on the NaturalBlog continues today with a trip back to 1985. Had I been blogging way back then, what might I have said? Rocky IV would've gotten some love...

That's it. It's over. We are totally winning the Cold War now that I've seen Rocky IV. I'll try to keep Eye of the Tiger out of my head long enough to put down some thoughts on why.

I don't know how exactly a filmmaker can make the U.S. seem like an underdog, what with its superior firepower and awesome executive branch leadership. But Rocky IV manages to do just that. And when you think there might be trouble for Sly Stallone, like when he's training off in the woods when the Russian is in that super cool gym, you are in for quite a turnabout.

I don't care how hard that Russian's punches register on his fancy machine or how Eastern Bloc his girlfriend looks -- It is over when Rocky steps in the squared circle.

Thanks, Rocky IV, for making me so sure we're gonna beat the Russians.

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Blogger Jack McDoer said...

are you gonna write about rocky 6?

October 03, 2006  

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