Thursday, September 20, 2007

Start spreading the news (roundup)

Here's a couple of stories out of New York that caught my eye.

Talk about a bottle blonde. The New York Post has an EXCLUSIVE about how the six sperm banks in New York City are running out of Scandanavian juice, prized for genes that breed blonde babies. Apparently there's some sort of ban on importing reinforcements. Either that or Sven's little swimmers are having too a hard time making it across the frigid North Atlantic.

Who knew Dr. Robert Bruce Banner took spin class? A stock broker got upset at a spin class when another member of his super-posh Equinox gym was "enjoying the 'euphoric experience' of cycling and was making noises to increase his high." The AP says when the broker complained, the victim yelled back: "This is spin class. If you don't like it, leave. Stop being such a baby," he said. With that, the broker flipped the 200-lb. grunter, and his bike. They're calling it "Spin Rage."

I had a girlfriend nicknamed 'Queenie' once. No one knows why there was a cow roaming around Jamaica, Queens, but she did lead police and others on a two-mile chase. The cow, nicknamed Queenie by her rescuers, will "probably go to a farm sanctuary upstate," according to Animal Care and Control of New York City. Upstate, eh? I think that's where all those childhood pets are living these days.



Blogger Kevin said...

That's actually very funny. I wonder if, in days of old, young Manhattanites would awaken from nightmares in their bedrooms after being told ghost stories of the bad little children who were sent "upstate."

September 22, 2007  

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