Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NaturalBlog News Update

Falafel flap as silly as it is delicious. Congressional Quarterly says the FBI tracked terror activity in San Francisco by looking at sales of falafel. The thinking went that the more falafel, the more likelihood of a terror attack. An FBI spokesman says it's "too ridiculous to be true." Too ridiculous? That from the same government that came up with an exploding cigar to kill Fidel Castro and a bomb to make enemy soldiers gay.

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. A forensic artist is credited with helping identify a girl whose body was found in Texas. She drew what she thought the girl would've looked like alive. News reports call her sketch precise, but I have to say the drawing looks more like Chucky than the victim.

Robert Cade eaten by alligator. The man who founded Gatorade has died. I would recap how Gatorade came to be famous, but Keith Jackson does it better:

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Anonymous Meredyth R said...

That creepy sketch has elicited no feelings of sympathy from me, just pure terror. Would anyone look at that and want to claim it as their child? You need to add a Geico caveman tag to this post. That's what it looks like, but a little less cute and maybe slightly less evolved.

November 28, 2007  
Blogger Cedar said...

Do you remember that reality TV show where the black family wore white make-up, and the white family wore black make-up? That little girl sketch looks like the black dad in white face.

November 28, 2007  
Blogger W said...

I think I now truly know what the phrase "a face only a mother could love" really means!

November 28, 2007  

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