Thursday, March 27, 2008

D.B. Cooper update

I've had an interest in the D.B. Cooper mystery for almost 20 years. It predates that bizarre D.B. Cooper storyline on NewsRadio, and goes all the way back to when I borrowed a book on unsolved mysteries from the Eden Public Library.

If you don't know about D.B., here's a quick primer: A man named Dan Cooper hijacked a flight from Portland to Seattle in 1971, demanded $200k and four parachutes, and jumped somewhere north of Portland. He was never found. None of the money ended up in circulation, though $5,800 thought to be part of the heist were found along the Columbia River in 1980.

Now, the FBI is investigating a parachute (right) found around the place where Cooper leapt from the plane.

The mystery deepens, though: If Cooper hit the ground where the parachute was found, then that means someone or something carried that $5,800 to the Columbia River.

I just love this case.



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I am standing right behind you!

March 27, 2008  

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