Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Boston story

I was out recently with some friends at that bar where my friend won the lotto.

There were five us at the table, and we were playing cards. Yeah. Cards in a bar. I'm not embarrassed, because it's the kind of bar where that's okay.

A dude came up and said, "Hey I'm from out of town and I have a bet. How many of you have masters degrees?" Three of us raised our hands. (Mrs. N-B and I were the outliers, for those of you scoring at home.)

Clearly an outsider, the guy who'd asked the question predicted we'd only have one among us. Five kids playing cards in a bar that's basically on a college campus? What was he thinking? Hell, we had a freaking Ph.D. at the table.

In fairness, I have to point out that he soon turned the tables on my table of smarty-pants. Here's a tip: If someone bets you $10 you can name all 50 states in 10 minutes, don't take the bet. You'll forget two. Everybody does.



Anonymous Mrs. NB said...

Can I try it again sober?

April 24, 2008  
Anonymous Ash said...

I could do this in my sleep. Didn't you learn Ray Charles's "Fifty Nifty United States" in grade school?

April 24, 2008  
Anonymous bean stringfellow said...

"kids"? You're 30.

And that leaving two states out is eerie...when I was in grade school I left out North Carolina and South Dakota. What a dink. You'd think I'd just say those together with their partners. But no.

April 24, 2008  
Anonymous ash said...

Here, this is better; you can hear it:

April 24, 2008  
Anonymous Pn said...

Hey ash, any cool mneumonic devices for my multiplication tables??

April 24, 2008  
Blogger Cedar said...

You can just say you missed the first day of school, and that you never caught up, so you think there's 48 states.

April 27, 2008  
Blogger Lucie said...

Easy solution to that one. Wild cards Iraq and Saudi Arabia. We own one, and the other one owns us. Perfect.

April 30, 2008  

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