Monday, May 05, 2008

People I Like Inexplicably, Vol. VI

There is no reason in the world to like Ben Affleck.

You cannot like his work in Armegeddon, Reindeer Games, Boiler Room. You can maybe stomach his turns in Dogma and Good Will Hunting, but in both those cases he was elevated by Good Will himself, action hero Matt Damon.

You cannot like his tabloid magazine romance as the front half of Bennifer, nor his tabloid newspaper romance as the front half of Benza.

Yet in spite of this mountain of evidence against the man (Gigli, Jersey Girl), I can't help but like him. I think he's great, with his giant chicklet teeth, his interest in poker, his rumblings that he might one day run for Senate, his love of Jimmy Kimmel.

Ben Affleck, I salute you for reasons I just don't fully understand.



Blogger Lucie said...

I saw Ben on Real Time with Bill Maher, as a member of the panel. In about 5 minutes, I forgot about all the bad movies and the unbearable tabloid lifestyle, and thus was the beginning of my own unrestrained admiration.

May 05, 2008  
Anonymous D. R. Tucker said...

He was great in Changing Lanes, but God was he awful in Bounce and Pearl Harbor.

May 05, 2008  

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