Monday, January 05, 2009

All is right

Sure, Tom Brady is lame, Matt Cassel is golfing and the man behind the curtain Scott Pioli might be bound for out-of-town. But times are good for Pats fans, on account of the Colts first-round exit from the playoffs.

The Indy defense just couldn't find a way to stop Darren Sproles (5"6', 181 lbs., 105yds rushing, 2 TDs), and the Chargers bounced the Colts 23-17 in overtime.

So even though it wasn't Peyton Manning's fault, I'm still going to pile on and post my (almost) annual January photo. The NaturalBlog proudly presents Sad Peyton.



Blogger Rachel said...

Yes! I was so looking forward to Sad Peyton day.

The Colts shouldn't feel too bad, though--they're in good company. Nebraska could never shut down Sproles when he played for Kansas State, either.

January 05, 2009  
Anonymous Biff McNabb said...

Write more about green Jesus.

January 05, 2009  

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