Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The boneyard of daytime television

I am watching the 2005 World Domino Tournament (from Las Vegas, where else?) on ESPN-2 as I wrote this, and even I am now ready to admit that television coverage of leisure sports has gone too far.

Of course, that didn't deter me even one ounce. Just the opposite -- I grabbed a beer and settled in for quarter final matchup of Norman Lindo and Steve Martin versus Hubert McIntosh and Asper Bailey, as called by Alvaro Martin and Casper Martinez.

How does one end up as a dominoes color commentator? Are there minor leagues you have to work your way up through? Do you start in radio, then make the jump to TV?

These questions went unanswered in the broadcast, but I did hear gems like "That was a bold squaring. Oh, he's putting the squeeze on 'em!" and "The red team has frittered away their advantage, the treys."

But I don't think it got any better than this exchange from Martin and Martinez:

-It's locked in. It's his world.
-McIntosh is winning this puppy!
-They don't call him Top Gun for nothing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer dominos on TV when they line 'em all up on their ends in a fancy pattern, and then knock 'em all down. Now that's exciting TV!!!

June 14, 2006  

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