Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A request for Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.)

Dear Gov. Mitt Romney,

I have seen on the TV and in the newspapers recently that you are now something of an expert in engineering and I was hoping that you could help me with a small problem I'm having at the house.

The future Mrs. NaturalBlog and I have a coffee table with small leaves on the sides that fold up. One of these leaves keeps falling off, despite my best efforts to use screws to secure it.

Could you come by and advise me as to whether an epoxy bolt system might be sufficient to sustain the weight of the panel, which I estimate at one pound, give or take four ounces. I am also open to using the anchor bolt system you were kind enough to demonstrate the other day (above right).

Our house is sort of on your way home from the State House to Belmont, so maybe you could stop by one day after work this week. Let me know what night, though, because we have some friends in town tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks, man.

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Anonymous holy moses said...

Can someone explain to me how the so-called "liberal elite" bastion otherwise known as Massachusetts managed to elect a Mormon anti-gay know it all ? I mean, what is the point of being called the Intelligentsia if you display such a lack of critical thinking ? Anyway, good luck with the table. I suggest you go right to the top and send a video of it collapsing to Bill Frist for a long distance diagnosis.

July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've got to protect our phoney baloney jobs, gentlemen! We've got to protect our phoney baloney jobs!

July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Matt Amorello said...

I can help you with that!

July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Mitt Romney said...

Oh no you won't you fat piece of #!?%$&. I will see to it that you never work in this town again!

naturalbl0g, I'll be over this evening. Do I need my hard hat?

July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Mrs. N-B said...

Thanks, Gov. I'll pick up some Diet Vanilla Coke.

July 19, 2006  
Anonymous DJS said...

"Give the governor harrumph!"

"You better watch your ass!"

Heady (Hedley?) Lamar

July 21, 2006  

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