Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This time it counted again, for the fifth time

Feeling guilty I disappointed loyal readers with my day-late dollar-short post this morning, I'll offer up some thoughts on last night's Major League Baseball all star game.

I was disappointed Nomar didn't get into the game though I understand why -- it's tough to bench Pujols. I think they should play with the DH in the all star game every year, even when it's in an NL park.

Which brings me to my next point: David Ortiz and his defense. I love it when the fat guy flashes the leather, and even moreso when a nice dig-out saves A-Rod an error, as it did last night.

And where would I be if I didn't mention Tim McCarver's hair. I think he's switched to using Manic Panic dye. I searched for a picture from the game but couldn't find one, so I found a picture that approximated what I saw last night, and posted it below.



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