Monday, December 04, 2006

The BCS is still screwed up

If only John David Booty had been able to lead the Trojans past the Bruins, we might have avoided this whole thing. But USC lost to UCLA on Saturday, Florida won the SEC crown, Michigan and Ohio State sat idle, and when the dust settled we ended up with the Gators earning the right to play undefeated OSU for the college football championship.

I'm sure there are a lot of people whiners who'd rather see a Michigan-OSU rematch, but I don't think that's fair to OSU. It would mean the Buckeyes would need to beat Michigan twice to win the national championship, but that Michigan would only have to go 1-1 against Ohio for a win.

Of course this would all be easier if there were a playoff. And until there is, I'm declaring all the undefeated teams champions: OSU if it beats Florida, Boise State if it beats Oklahoma, and the Boston University Terrier football team, undefeated since 1997.



Anonymous Sebastian Dangerfield said...

Sir: I must respectfully dissent.

To whom did Florida and Michigan lose?

Florida has one loss to Auburn- a summary dismissal in the form of a 27-17 beatdown. Further, Auburn just wasn’t a very good football team this year, oh Auburn of ass whipping losses to both the lowly Arkansas and pitiable Georgia.

Michigan? One very hard fought loss to the undefeated Ohio State.

(The real kicker here is that I can't stand the Wolverines...)

December 04, 2006  
Anonymous bean stringfellow said...

All I know is, Florida had best lose in a painful way.

Not that I hold a grudge against anyone whose initials may be SSS, and who may have tried to steal certain people's security deposits.

December 04, 2006  

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