Friday, December 15, 2006

NaturalBlog Animal Roundup

Maybe it's global warming, but there is some freaky stuff happening with aquatic life these days.

First up, you've got the crazy case of horny manatees. Never before have I seen something so innocent and wonderful twisted into something so base and evil. Thanks, Conan.

But that's not nearly as freaky as the 7-foot-9 Chinese herdsman tapped to save dolphins because of his long arms. You can't make this stuff up. Two things to say here: Doesn't his arm look fake in this picture? Also, how glad do you bet he is that he got to go through their mouths, instead of the other way.



Anonymous bean stringfellow said...

two things - first of all, nice that this guy's arms distract everyone from his face. Yikes.

Also, then there's the Sea World stuff from a couple of weeks ago, where the whale...or possibly another aquatic animal, I can't remember...tried to kill its trainer...twice.

Something's definitely up.

December 16, 2006  

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