Friday, February 02, 2007

NaturalBlog News Update: Cali Style

Ok. We get it. You're straight. Stop having affairs. San Francisco mayor and man about town Gavin Newsom has apologized for having an affair with the wife of a top political aide. Newsom, who's dated CSI actress Sofia Milos and then 20-year-old model Brittanie Mountz since divorcing from his newshound wife Kimberly Guilfoyle, seems to be going out of his way to put those Newsom-is-gay rumors to rest. Try as he might, he'll never do it as artfully as Kimberly did a couple years back. Please enjoy pictures of Newsom's many flames.

Oenologists on high alert. A rare $11,000 wine was among 450 bottles stolen from a private wine cellar in Atherton, Calif. I'm sure the person they were stolen from is pretty obnoxious, but not much more obnoxious than this story that detailed the theft. "Like a sauvignon blanc with an ash-covered chèvre, theft and wine make a heady pairing." Ugh. I like my sauvignon blancs with Soy Crisps.


Anonymous Mrs. NB said...

You are so lowbrow. Soy crisps obviously go better with a smoky red, especially the bbq ones, while Sav Blanc is better saved for cinnamon mini-donuts. Classy is how our house rolls.

February 02, 2007  

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