Thursday, October 25, 2007

FEMA, take me away!

I caught some video on CNN this morning of a dude getting a pretty rigorous massage. While the NaturalBlog doesn't really like the idea of strangers touching him, it did look pretty relaxing (I have a lot of tension in my back).

I was pretty surprised to learn I wasn't looking at spa b-roll (jargon explainer) but footage from the wildfire evacuation in Southern California.

Oh, to be an evacuee -- not only massages, but free fancy energy drinks, ethnic cuisine, even free magazines. It's the most opulent evacuation in the history of man.

Only in Southern California would the largest American evacuation since Hurricane Katrina include acupuncturists at the ready. The only thing that's missing is a sushi bar and high-colonic stand.



Anonymous Becca said...

Leave it to us Californians to evacuate in style...

October 26, 2007  

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