Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keep the fire

Remember when the Red Sox beat the Indians in game one of the ALCS and national sportscasters were posing the question: "Can Boston even be stopped?" Boy that feels like along time ago.

I try to keep an even keel during the baseball season. Because it's so long, three-game losing streaks and three-game winning streaks don't mean a whole lot. But the Sox only get one more loss, so now I'm a little worried.

However there is good news: Since 1999, the Red Sox are 11-3 when facing elimination and an even more impressive 13-3 in elimination games. That picture up there isn't from October 16, 2007, by the way, it's from October 16, 2004, when the Sox were clobbered 19-8 by the Yankees in ALCS game three.

See you in game seven.



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