Monday, December 03, 2007

Live free, die, or maybe both

Since no one was hurt, I'm now going to make fun of the dude who took hostages at Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign office last week. He'll be arraigned today for kidnapping and other charges.

The suspect wore his Sunday best for the hold-up: slacks, white shirt and red tie. Neighbors say that was his usual get-up. Well, that and a drunked stupor.

He hatched his plan to go talk with Hillary while drinking rum and Cokes with his son-in-law.

His list of demands were pretty straightforward: cigarettes, soda, and alcohol.

Sounds to me like he's gunning for a deal as a booze spokesman. He's definitely got a little Cap'n in him.



Anonymous Holy Moses said...

Maybe he was trying to apply for a job as a fund raiser. Sooner or later, all politicians make us feel like we have been kidnapped and robbed.

December 03, 2007  

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