Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Resolved: Win March Madness

Last year was my high-water mark for fantasy sports. I won my Super Bowl squares game, captured the title in my baseball eliminator pool, and even managed an 11-game fantasy football winning streak that culminated in a championship.

But the best never rest, and I will let it be known today that this is my year to win my March Madness NCAA basketball pool. After a disappointing 33d place finish last year (in a tie with Mrs. N-B, coincidentally), I am ready to make the leap to the upper echelon.

I suppose I should be careful not to guarantee a win, since I'm the one who runs my office pool (for entertainment purposes only, of course). I'd hate to give conspiracy theorists any fodder.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weren't you in a fantasy NASCAR league too? How'd you do in that one?

January 09, 2008  

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