Friday, February 22, 2008

Walnuts with your pancake?

A couple of questions sprang to mind almost immediately after seeing Paulie Walnuts late of Sopranos doing ads for Denny's. That is, of course, after my brain got past the initial shock of thinking "Wait. Paulie Walnuts is doing ads for Denny's?!?!?"

It appears actor Tony Sirico has kept his skunk-like hair coloring. I always assumed he dyed it for his role in the Sopranos, but maybe his hair is that way naturally. Otherwise it's hard to imagine why he'd leave it that way.

I guess maybe it make sense that Paulie would eat at Denny's. He was always kind of cheap, and his white pants-white loafers look would fit in there pretty seemlessly.

Are there are endorsement opportunities out there for other former Sopranos? I'd like to see Tony in a Paxil ad -- y'know, the one with the happy rock.



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