Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Matt Walsh videotaped the tryout

I saw a boston.com's coverage this week of the try-outs for the New England Patriots cheerleader squad. I looked through the photos purely for research purposes: Given how marginally attractive the actual Pats cheerleaders are, how gross must the rejects be?

My answer was a disinterested "Meh."

I've often wished that in place of the usual my-city's-speciality for your-city's-speciality bet that mayors make during big games, someone would've arranged for the Patriots to win another team's cheer squad in Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII or XXXIX. The Panthers' cheerleaders would obviously be the pick of the litter, but even Philly would've been an upgrade.



Anonymous Biff Tannen said...

You know it's bad when your cheerleaders are being out-hotted by a squad that lives so precariously close to the dirty Jers.


March 11, 2008  

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