Monday, July 28, 2008

That's great -- but what does being a Mathlete get me?

My personal HR guy told me about a study that said playing sports once a month will boost your salary as much as an extra year of schooling.

Economic data from thousands of Germans between 1984 and 2006 found those who played sports saw extra annual income to the tune of 1,200 Euros (about $1,900 today) compared to people who didn't play sports. It's a five to 10 percent increase in income, which is about equivalent to getting another year of higher education under your belt.

Some of you may know that I'm a decidedly average softball player in two coed intramural leagues. Plus, I was the best setter on my advanced-beginner/low-intermediate softball team earlier this year. So between those three teams, I figure I'm seeing a 25 percent increase in earnings.

I think I give all of this back in the lost productivity playing fantasy sports. Except of course for my fantasy baseball team, which I actively ignore.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Curling count???

July 28, 2008  

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