Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm turning this blog into a one trick Colt

Since Bill Belichick brought his cheating heart to New England in 2000, the Patriots and Dolphins have met 17 times. And in that span the Pats are a paltry 9-8 against the Phins.

Which is why I was unsurprised (well, maybe not totally unsurprised) at yesterday's 38-13 drubbing in Foxboro. Some people might try to pin this loss on quarterback Matt Cassel (19 of 31 for 131 yards, TD, INT, fumble), but you can't blame him for the defense's complete inability to stop Ronnie Brown (4 rushing TDs and one passing).

The silver lining is that even at 2-1, the Pats are still a game better than the Colts. Cue the Sad Peyton, even if yesterday's loss wasn't really his fault.

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