Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scraping the bottom of the advertising barrel

The NaturalBlog has already shown a keen eye for commercial actors. Now that I've revealed that compulsion, I'm happy to move on to the next level of madness: recognizing voice-over work.

In the category of "Yeah, I guess he hasn't worked in a while"... Gene Hackman for the Home Depot. Runner up: David Duchovny, who shills for Purina dog food. And don't forget Michael Douglas, who wants you to buy a Honda. (Mrs. Douglas must've told him to find work or find a new wife.)

And to show that commercial voice-overs aren't just for the out-of-work, I point to George Clooney doing Bud Light ads and Julia Roberts for AOL. What are they thinking? They can't possibly need the money. Do they really love beer and Internet service providers that much? Well, the beer I guess I could see. But doesn't Clooney strike you as a Heineken guy? Or Schlitz, if we're talking about the Facts of Life days.

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Anonymous K-Don said...

Isn't that the episode when Resident Ross denies he's the father of Jo's unborn child? Damn, she looks about ready to pop in that shot

February 15, 2006  

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