Saturday, May 06, 2006

All news, all the time

Well, he is having a tough time at the restaurant. In a case of art imitating life imitating art, John Ventimiglia, the actor who plays Artie Bucco on HBO's The Sopranos, was arrested in New York City on suspicion of drunken driving and cocaine possession. Officers pulled over his 2004 Volkswagen Jetta after they saw him allegedly weaving in traffic. Wait -- a Jetta?

Like there isn't enough Bad Attitude already on TV. Mr. T. will get his own television show, something like Dr. Phil meets Antqiues Road Show. But less touchy feely. Said Mr. Laurence Tureaud: "You're a fool — that's what's wrong with you. You're a fool if you don't take my advice."

My house is apparently the only place she hasn't showered. You may remember a few months back when Lindsay Lohan slipped on some stairs at Bryan Adams's house, after she was all oiled up following her shower. Allegedly. Well now she's fractured her ankle afer another slip. It's unclear at press time, but it appears to have happened this time at Kelly Osbourne's house. Scrub up all you want, Lindsay. Dirty girls just can't get clean.



Anonymous wlgirl said...

wha? first things first: what was lalohan doing at bryan adams' house? i mean, bryan adams is so hot right now (everyone sing: "you know it's true, everything i do / i do it for you") buuuut...

May 08, 2006  

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