Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jack Welch drinks Bud Light from a can?

Can someone explain for me how it is that former General Electric CEO Jack Welch has become a ubiquitious pre- and post-game commentator for the Red Sox broadcast network NESN? Did he come on to hawk a book or something, and finalge his way into a regular gig?

And what's more -- can anyone with a TiVo who saw the first game of the Mets series confirm that, while in the owners' box at Fenway, Welch was swilling from a Bud Light can? Can you even get Bud Light from a can at Fenway? In the owners' box no less? The cameraman was thoughtful enough to pull back when he spotted this blue collar behavior.



Anonymous training technician II said...

I don't have TiVo (hey, I don't even have HBO) but I CAN confirm that Jack Welch was swilling beer from a can during the Tuesday game. I saw it with my own eyes, sometime in the first six innings (at which point I went to bed).

June 29, 2006  

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