Saturday, June 24, 2006

Copa Mundial, round of 16

The U.S.-less (and Iran-less, as long as we're talking about countries that aren't really all that popular in Europe) World Cup moves into its second round today. I'm excited to witness the exponential increase in jingoistic pride, joyously moderated by the grandfatherly intonations of Tommy Smythe.

So in it's honor, let me make sure you've seen Adidas's great "Impossible is Nothing" ads, here and here.



Anonymous Sebastian Dangerfield said...

I am happy that the US made an early exit from the World Cup. The US media should cease discussing this barbarian rubbish immediately. Hopefully, men of taste can once more discuss baseball free of that interfering noise pollution commonly known as "talking about soccer."

(then again, God Save The Queen. If a better fan chant than "Two World Wars and One World Cup" exists, this poster remains yet to hear it.)

June 24, 2006  

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