Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Year Ender

It's my final post of 2006, so please indulge some rambling inspired at least in part by the events of the last 12 months.

In the year that brought us a Hollywood love pentagon (featuring David Spade, for Pete's sake) the fire crotchtroversy, and Rosie vs everybody, I suppose I shouldn't complain about celebrities' bad behavior, since it gave me so much to write about.

Let's just hope the coming year will bring more moral judgements from our own present-day Atticus Finch (Donald Trump), more leisure sports to consume me, and enough silly gimmicks to fill in the weeks when I run out of ideas.

I do have some resolutions, one of which is to start using spell check. You'd think I'd be able to get grammar right, but writing the first draft of history (on deadline) isn't as easy as most people assume.

I'd also like more inanity, but why wait til the new year to start:

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