Friday, December 22, 2006

"They've got pizza stuff in them"

I haven't been this excited about an ad since The Snickers Song.

Please take a gander at these spots for Combos, one of my favorite unhealthy treats.

I won't bore you with a description of the ads, but I will share the tag line: "What your mom would feed you if your mom were a man."

And don't forget to check out the Man-Mom web site, where you can submit your own Man-Mom pics.



Anonymous Pn the closet Trans(fatty) lover said...

As much as I love them, I usually try and stay away from foods that my dad would feed me if he were my mom...
And so I get very psyched about road trips and air travel--not so much for the adventure but for the fact that fast food is usually the only option available.

December 22, 2006  

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