Friday, November 02, 2007

You are the Decider: Alien Abduction Edition

It's time for the NaturalBlog's occasional political series You are the Decider. Hit the graphic:

Those are bulls pooping in the 0's, by the way.

I'm pretty pumped about this post because it involves two of my favorite things:
  • Longshot democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich
  • UFOs
Well, to be honest, neither of those is one of my favorite things, but it does make for a pretty good blog post.

The democratic Man of La Mancha, who somehow ended up with a lithe and beautiful wife (right), admitted during this week's candidate debate that he saw an unidentified flying object, over Shirley MacLaine's house in Washington state. (Where else?)

"It was an unidentified flying object, OK," Kucinich said to moderator Tim Russert. "It's, like, it's unidentified. I saw something."

In a new book MacLaine writes that Kucinich heard directions in his brain, ostensibly from the beings aboard the UFO. Somehow, for some reason, Russert did not press Kucinich on what the directions were. We can only assume it was the aliens who planted the seed of Kucinich's idea to replace the Department of Defense with a Department of Peace.



Blogger Rachel said...

Dennis' home office is a mere eight blocks or so from my apartment in good ol' Lakewood, Ohio. Neat, huh?

November 02, 2007  
Anonymous Holy Moses said...

Nothing says "anything is possible" quite like Dennis Kucinich.

November 02, 2007  
Anonymous Aborvitae said...

For all you youngsters out there who weren't even born in 1977, Boy Wonder was mayor of Cleveland Ohio at the age of 31.

November 05, 2007  

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