Friday, October 31, 2008

Those people know how to party

Sure, I'm sad the Red Sox didn't win the World Series, but at least the win went to a city that really knows how to party, Philadelphia. Take a look at these pictures from after the Phillies clinched in Game 5.

I wonder what was going through the guy's head when left the house with a lamp that night. I also love that rioting fans decided to steal luggage of all things.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my favorite dispatch from Philly, courtesy the Philadelphia Enquirer:
Police didn't slow down one overjoyed celebrator who walked down freezing Pattison St. wearing only a g-string, white body paint striped with red, a red beanie and light-up shoes.

The nearly naked man identified himself as Michael Freeze, 28, of Havertown and said he left his clothes inside the ballpark, but not because he lost a bet.

"I just love the Phillies, and I'm happy," said "Freeze" as crowds swarmed to take pictures with him.



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