Monday, October 27, 2008

You are the Decider in just eight days

My ill-timed hiatus left dozens (literally, dozens) of people without their primary source of news about the 2008 presidential election: My occasional political series You are the Decider.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so I'll get right to the graphic of the bulls pooping.

I'm almost fearful to delve into this topic, but it's my duty to report to you that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (Wasilla High's "Best Dressed" and "Most Like to Seceed," 1988) has begun to "go rogue" in speeches and media interviews, ignoring the talking points and making policy seemingly off the cuff.

In fact, she'd "like to go more rogue," according to an unnamed senior Republican who spoke with Politico.

I'm not exactly sure how this new and improved mavericky rogue-ness will manifest itself. It makes me wonder if the rogue-ity is the result of a potentially tragic misunderstanding over what "battleground state" actually means. Suffice it to say I would not like to be a moose in a swing state.



Blogger Lucie said...

She must have made a bet with someone that they could lose this election by double digits. OR...they have the vote rigged, and she is just practicing to be the next Dick Cheney.

October 27, 2008  

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