Friday, March 06, 2009

You Are Separated at Birth

Here are a some birth separations, courtesy of loyal readers.

First, crooner Neil Diamond and public television stalwart Charlie Rose. This suggestion comes from the K-Man, who loves Neil Diamond because of his connection to Fenway Park and loves Charlie Rose because it's required at the school where he studies.

Next, from Cha Cha Pitoulas of New Orleans, we have disgraced financier Robert Sanford and disgraced actor Dabney Coleman. They both used to work 9 to 5.

And from K-Don, we have Styx singer Tommy Shaw and Spaceballs' Prince Valium, as played by Jim J. Bullock. Look for Jim J. Bullock in an upcoming installment of the NaturalBlog's where-are-they-now series, "Dead or Alive."



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