Friday, September 28, 2007

With this blog, I thee wed

There were a pair of funny engagement stories I saw this week.

A dude proposed to his girlfriend at a romantic Central Park gazebo, but after she said yes a mugger demanded their money. The robber apparently missed the proposal, because he didn't notice when the groom-to-be slipped the diamond engagement ring off his fiance's finger. The mugger did make off with $125 and the bride's Rolex.

That story's nice, but not as nice as the two geeks who got engaged after a complicated crossword proposal. A guy from Cambridge convinced the Boston Globe's crossword writers to sneak in clues indicating he wanted to pop the question. When his betrothed got to 111-across "Generic Proposal," the gig was up and he formally asked. Apparently excited at the idea of little geek babies, the girl said yes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sneaking around could be a heart breaker . foxy roxy

October 03, 2007  

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