Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You are the Decider: Decide Already

I hope you vote today, so we can get this election over with and get directly to the recounts and lawsuits. If that's not enough motivation to get you to the polls, I'll unleash this untrademarked graphic. You know the one. It has the bulls pooping.

In preparing today's post, I decided to go back and read the first-ever You are the Decider entry on my blog, way back in December 2006. If I do say so myself, it was funny -- "I'm happy to usher in an occasional political series you'll see between now and November 4, 2008 (if the blog lasts that long)." -- and maybe even prescient.

Here's what I said about Barack Obama:
Illinois Senator Barack Obama's efforts to spell out an agenda notwithstanding, he does have the most powerful asset any candidate can offer: He is largely a blank canvas on which voters can project their hopes and ambitions.
Not bad, not bad at all.



Blogger Lucie said...

Even Peggy Noonan called him Cool Hand Luke. Once again NB, you are a man of vision and foresight.

November 04, 2008  
Anonymous nate said...

did you predict your own election day loss that long ago?

bring on the schilling chard!

November 06, 2008  

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